Had the pleasure of hanging with long time friends Austin and Christian as they surfed in their backyard. The surf didn't clean up as much as we were hoping for but these two were able to make the most of the conditions.  Just a crowded summer evening at Cardiff. Enjoy your ocean!



We set out to create thoughtfully designed imagery for those inspired by San Onofre, surfing history, tradition and singlefins by enabling collaborations between a new generation of wave sliders and some of Orange County's finest master artisans. Over the past 5 years, we have represented the best parts of SanO by creating original works, authentic feel and a respect for tradition. 

We think of SanO as more than a place, its a feeling. Where people are inspired by the history, passionate about surfing and seeking good vibes. Telling the story of San Onofre and the people involved is about offering more than just the products we make—it’s about giving people a feeling. And perhaps, in some small way, it’s about reminding ourselves that we love this place that is more than a surf spot. It is a way of life.

Thanks for joining us, we're happy you are here. 

"Enjoy Your Ocean!"



SanO Boardriding is rooted in the history and tradition of singlefin
surfing. Sharing the pictures, art and vibe that emanates from San Onofre Surfing Beach.

Inspired by a simple and classic surf lifestyle we take pride In quality and hand crafted goods. Reminiscent of a time when boardriders surfed for the pure feeling of sliding waves. Our tag line "Enjoy Your Ocean", says it all.