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Marco Umilio

My name is Marco Umilio, I was born in Italy near Rome. I am 42 years old.
I have been living in a caravan for 4 years now with my wife Laura and a black cat called Clotilde. 5 years ago I decided to leave my old life, just work and try to live in a more simple and quiet way, especially to dedicate myself totally to my art, surfing and spend as much time as possible with the people I love. I started drawing for the first time when I saw the posters of the 60s, especially those of Rick Griffin and Robert Crumb. Over time I put my drawings in a blog, which still continues, called The Wedding Surfcaravan, but I wanted to find a meaning in my life, my art and it was then I decided to buy the caravan to start a trip to the Canary Islands, where I live now. I went through France, Spain, Portugal and then took a boat to Lanzarote and finally arrived to Fuerteventura, a perfect place to inspire, draw and surf. Now my life is divided between several collaborations with brands from the island and estimators that live in the United States.
For me it is very important to observe people on the beach and surfers very carefully because they allow me to find peculiarities or rare situations when developing my art in my drawings always made by hand, paper and pen. Another feature of my drawings is a very sixties retro style as I love this time and still influence my surfing style on the surfboard particularly the longboard. For now I still live in a caravan that over time I am renovating with recycled materials and I am truly happy!