Surfer Girl Catches a Wave Every Day for Three Years

By Frank Elaridi Jun 3, 2014 3:46pm

An Orange County, California, girl is making waves after celebrating a successful attempt to surf every day for three years. Meg Roh, 15, caught a wave 1,095 days in a row.

Friends and family gathered around Roh, who’s become somewhat of a local celebrity, at San Onofre State Beach on Sunday to cheer her on as she completed her third year of surfing.

“It’s been pretty cool to do what I love every day,” she told the OC Register. “Every day I surf, I get stoked. It’s definitely taught me that I can do any of the dreams I set my mind to.”

According to the International Surfing Association, there are 1,736,000 surfers (people who surf at least once a year) in the United States. Most of them will say that it’s rare to catch a wave every day, let alone every day for three years.

It began in June 2011, when then 12-year-old Roh made it a point to surf every day of summer, realizing that she would only be five days short of 100 days. When a friend mentioned that her uncle had once surfed for 300 consecutive days, she didn’t want to be outdone.

Roh’s mom, Sue Hahn, says her daughter is humble and never brags or talks about what she’s doing.

“I’m very proud of her, I think at such a young age she has such great discipline and has been a great inspiration to everyone in the community,” Hahn said, “and not only kids her age, but younger and older. People even made little stickers for her and put them on their cars.”

Inspired by her story, Jillair Robinson, a piano teacher in Irvine, decided to share it with her students. They were touched and wanted to play their instruments every day for 30 days in her honor, writing letters to Roh about how she inspired them. They called it the “Every Day for One Month Club.”

“It was inspiring to Meg to know she inspired people,” her mom said. “It gives me chills, it’s so neat.”

There was only one time that comes to mind for Hahn, when she was concerned for her daughter’s safety out in the ocean.

“She’s been pretty healthy these past three years, but there was one time I knew she had a fever and she wanted to go surf anyway. I told her, ‘it’s cold and stormy out there, I want you to stay on the inside (where the little waves break).”

“She looked over her shoulder at me and decided on her own to go on the outside (where the bigger waves were breaking) – she was the only one out there and it was stormy and cold. When she came back to shore she said she was hot and it was freezing out there so I knew she was sick.”

Even though she surfed every day, Roh didn’t just coast through school – she’s a straight-A student at San Juan Hills High School.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the current record-holder is Dale Webster from Northern Calif., who surfed every day for 28 years straight. According to the OC Register, Webster once visited Roh and said he hoped she would break his record.

She plans to go to a college near the beach and her mom says her daughter hopes to one day win a world championship.

But will she extend her surfing streak?

“I think I’ll keep going. I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet,” Meg Roh told the OC Register. “Maybe I’ll still surf a lot, but maybe not when it’s raining super crazy. I want to surf every day this summer …”

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