San Onofre State Beach Surf Report


San Onofre has several surf breaks ranging from beginner’s gentle breaking waves to one of the premiere surf breaks in the United States at Trestles . • Trestles - Trestles is inaccessible by vehicle; a long walk via a nature trail from either the north or south end passing under the Trestles Bridge is necessary for access. This world-famous surfing area is known for its consistent waves.
Church - Located near the Camp Pendleton Beach Resort, Church provides sunbathing and bird watching. The name refers to the long-gone chapel which was located near the site.
Surf Beach –The area of beach is divided by the locality (named from north to south) into three breaks spots known as “The Point,” “Old Man’s,” and “Dogpatch.” All perform best on a south swell, though the beach takes any surf and slows it down to a very slow pace. The entire area is covered by a rock reef, often making walking into or out of the water difficult.
Trails - Trails is the most southern of surf spots in this region and includes both rock bottom and sandy breaks. Trails is also the last point to camp at San Onofre. Camping is on the bluffs with cold showers and 'flush' pit toilets nearby.

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